Choco-Beer Tasting


I love our friends. They know what I like: beer and chocolate. Combined together you got a classy ass tasting we put together to make this week suck less.

beer_tasting_chocolatesThe beer delivered on its promises of not a slap to the face of chocolate but smatterings in a dark warmth of Guinness-y snooty cousin.

Beer – B+

Chocolate pairings came with a menu, but what is apparent is hazelnut has become the new Samuel L. Jackson and needed to be in everything. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, truffle, caramel and always mother-eff-ing hazelnut. That said, hazelnut was an okay pairing with this beer. I prefer the sweet caramels. A lot of time was spent on the chocolate presentation and hazelnut took over the innards. Still tasty, nice packaging, a solid menu and a gift so they taste better.

Chocolates – ┬áC – work on variety next time and don’t skimp on the nuts.

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