Story Time from the Bathtub

I’m not sure about the stories of people come up with during bath time but I’m sure this is not how they always go.

Bathtub Adventure Stories – Not for the Faint of Heart

It was a lovely, artificially lit day in the kingdom of Feiduchy and especially so in Lake Lalamama.

Lake Lalamama in the Kingdom of Feiduchy
Lake Lalamama in the Kingdom of Feiduchy

Tony the Turtle paddled slowly with his friend, Freddy the Frog. Daisy Duck and her to duckies, Donna and Duke, quacked away their joy.

Until… the lights dimmed and there was a strange presence in the Force. Bath Bader appeared on the porcelain horizon.


“This lake has been ruled by you rebels for too long. Now, I am its master and it belongs to the Empire.”

“Oh no, they found our hidden base!” Cried Duke. Having grown up in a rebel family, he knew this spelled disaster. Donna was already diving into the water and Daisy gave an alert quack before following Donna.


“You won’t win, Bath Bader!” Tony called out. Bath Bader rose from the depths. bath_vader_sudsUsing the force he flipped Tony and grabbed Donna, dragging her over to him.

“Where is the main base? The one with the ambassadors meeting with the rebels?” Bath Bader asked, clutching Donna by her rubbery neck.

“It’s too late, they’ve met and solidified an alliance.” Donna squeaked.

“It’s never too late.” With that, Bath Bader squeezed the Force out of her. He peered around and then silently sunk down into the water, knowing he’d find answers elsewhere.daisy_squeeze_drain

Meanwhile, Freddy the Frog looked over the carnage of his friends and fellow rebels where he had been hiding above the water spout.


“I vow to avenge you,” he whispered, with the map sticking out of his amphibious pocket. The lake gurgled as it always did, pouring into the dark abyss…

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