How To Make Your Own Ryan Gosling

Let’s face it, many of us need a personal Ryan Gosling at some point. Maybe not even every day, but at some point you’ll reach that moment where you say to yourself I just need fucking Ryan Gosling.

The problem is, he’s kind of expensive and a little bit busy. He also tends to keep his clothes on around strangers like myself. Rude.

I scoured the Internet looking for Ryan Gosling standups. Figured that was the fastest and easiest way to get him into my house. And for an amazing $60-$100 I could’ve had a pretty nice looking standup of Mr. Gosling in a suit red carpet worthy. Unfortunately that’s out of my budget and I really don’t need to see him red carpet worthy.

So I looked through the Internet again looking for posters this time. I found an amazing poster from the movie “Crazy Stupid Love” for only six dollars.

Ryan Gosling Poster

That’s more like my budget. The problem is it’s only from the waist up. Honestly, for the purposes of what I was planning, this was fine. His legs really weren’t that important.

Once I got the poster, I cut out his outline. Stuck it on some cardboard and then the fun began.


“Hey girl, want me to bbq for you?”

ryan preparing food

“Hey girl, while you hot tub, want me to make you a margarita…with salt?”

ryan washing dishes

“Hey girl, I did the dishes in low lighting so you could really see my abs.”

ryan laundry

“Hey girl, I did the laundry and even separated out your delicates.”

baby shower ryan

Since it’s mother’s day, here is where Ryan Gosling crashed my baby shower. That guy. He knew what a future mom wanted!

Get Excited 2016 with a Lipstick on a Dead Carp!

I’m always a sucker for a ball drop, possum drop or lipstick on a dead carp celebration for New Year’s (didn’t make this up It’s a time to start over, forget that crazy resolution you wanted last year of getting sexy enough for Magic Mike to quit his day job. This time it’s for reals. Those buns of steel will be YOURS!

Every year, my alternative to the vague general resolution of “I want to be a better person” is to write a list of about 40 things I want to accomplish this year. Some are specific and easy to do like “Go to a Farmer’s Market” while others are a habit like “Take a quality picture every day”. I have never completed the entire list but I always manage more than half of them. I try and keep the list somewhere I can see them every week or so and revisit them monthly to see how I’m doing.

The best part is crossing them off with red ink with a BOOM! and happy dance.

Here’s a couple from my list to help inspire any of you.

Deep Fry Something

I have a cute deep fryer. I have an onion blossom kit. I could be eating that right now! I have a donut maker…which I could then deep fry those suckers! Why is this not a regular part of my life?! Health wise, I’m just going to try for once this year. Any extra times will be bonus.

Make a Gingerbread House

This has been on my list of things to do for years. The holidays just suck up too much energy. Some time this winter I want to make a bad ass gingerbread house. And it will be bad ass.

Take an Artsy Fartsy Class

I see some classes online and in real life  that look interesting. Then I see something shiny. This year I’m going to take a damn class that sounds fun. None of those stupid sounding “How to mold fondant”. You taste terrible fondant, no one likes you.

Stop Being a Craft Hoarder and Do a Craft Project Once a Month

My name is Lisa and I’m a craft supplies hoarder. It’s a problem. Why do I need scraps of a fabric with half naked men in a halloween theme? I should probably use it for a 16th century tapestry, the only kind of tapestry there is in my opinion.halloween sexy fabric_picmonkeyed

There’s a random sampling. Stay tuned for completion of these said tasks and more. Also feel free to post your own in the comments. I’m always up for fine tuning my own resolutions. Or stealing better ones.