Waffle Off!

How do you celebrate a dreary Independence Day? American Style Waffle Competition!

Recently, my friend gave me his waffle iron. I already had one and there can only be one so I don’t become a hoarder. Hence…

waffle irons competition

Fancy Schmancy versus Rusty Trusty!

Competition: Two waffles, same amount of batter, will be made each round. The evaluation will be made by three house judges, one of which still pees his pants and eats dirt. The waffle irons will be graded and then one will be sent packing while the other gets to be named FREEDOM FIGHTER WAFFLE CHAMPION!


Thanks Mom and Dad for the sponsorship syrup for the competition.

Here’s how it went down:


Rusty Trusty heated up a minute faster than Fancy Schmancy. Fancy Schmancy also had more buttons, maybe was an issue. Batter poured and yet again, Rusty Trusty beats out Fancy Schmancy in time.

At the end of the day, Yankee Doodle could have made 4 waffles in the time Fancy Schmancy made one. If pushed for time, Rusty Trusty wins.

Then came the real competition. Rusty Trusty was more doughy waffles while Fancy Schmancy has crisper, denser waffles. After a vote from all three judges, Rusty Trusty wins on consistent, solid maple syrup squares and taste and texture.

Fancy Schmancy, sorry, the Liberty Bell rang it’s last for you today.


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